Friday, March 7, 2014

Hold the phone!

Has your child ever seen an "old fashioned" telephone with a rotary dial?! :)  Some of the kids don't even have push button phones in their homes.  They only know cell phones!  Every once in a while one of the kids will pick up a block and hold it up to their ears to make a call - that makes the teachers giggle as much as the rotary phones make the kids giggle!  Can I take a message? :)  And in case you were wondering, when the kids "call" someone on the phone, it is usually Mom, Dad or to order pizza....



  2. I mean truly, who can state "no" to a phone call? As problematic as this can be, this may likewise be yet another instrument that we can use so as to guide a transaction toward the path that we need it to go.

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