Wednesday, February 5, 2014


It's been so incredibly cold lately that a post on snowmen seemed appropriate!  Here are 3 cute snowman projects we did recently in each class:

These little cuties are making a "find the carrot nose" snowman!  The kids put the eyes and mouth on the outside of a ziploc bag and added a top hat.  Then we filled the baggie with shaving cream and added a foam carrot nose.  The kids had to squish the shaving cream around to find the carrot nose and get it centered in the right place - and of course, squish it up and do it again! And again!  
If you every wondered what to do with empty pop-up wipes containers...well here's the answer!  We peeled the wrappers off and turned them into snowmen, complete with felt scarves, button eyes, carrot noses and socks as hats! The kids thought these were so funny!

 And here we have "melted snowmen."  These are made with puddles of white glue!  The kids add the snowman parts, including little sticks for arms.  So cute!

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